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Robert Brouillette, Hnrs. B.A., LL B.

Robert is a business owner and lawyer, licensed to practice Immigration Law in Ontario. Robert graduated with his LLB from l’Universite de Moncton in 1995. He practiced primarily civil litigation in Sudbury while also working in sports law with a firm based in Chicago for almost 10 years before switching career paths to become Owner and CEO of multiple companies.

In 2006 while the General Manager of City Welding in Sudbury, Robert turned to international recruiting to fill what was fast becoming a serious skilled labour shortage in Northern Ontario. Since then, Robert has hired skilled candidates from  Romania, Tunisia, Philippines, Morocco and recently Mexico for his welding operations. The company has also retained most of these immigrants, many of which are now Permanent Canadian Residents or Canadian Citizens with their families.

Given the ever increasing labour shortage across most if not all sectors, which shortage will only intensify, Robert established Y International to help companies be successful and grow by navigating the international recruiting, immigration and integration dynamics. He is also very passionate about enriching immigrant lives with employment opportunities here in Canada which also greatly benefits the Canadian economy. His WHY is enriching lives, communities and the economy.

Denisse Paola Romero, Business Administration Assistant

Paola has a degree in Business Management obtained in Colombia her native country, and one in Global Business Management at Cambrian College in Sudbury, ON. With more than 7 years of extensive experience covering data analysis, control systems management, security, administration and human resources recruitment, she has been dedicated to addressing the needs of companies and the well-being of employees.

Having made the immigration journey to Canada together with her family, Paola intimately understands the challenges inherent in this process. This first-hand experience has endowed her with a comprehensive understanding of the landscape, which she takes advantage of to help newcomers. For Paola, this trip is not only a personal enrichment but also a continuous opportunity to improve professionally and significantly contribute to the new candidates to immigrate to Canada and the Canadian economy.

Kaycee Sato, Recruiter

Kaycee is a Registered Professional Recruiter and has been working in the field of recruitment since 2012 after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Far Eastern University in the Philippines. She came to Canada as an International Student and graduated with Diploma in International Business from Seneca College.

Always working with passion, Kaycee believes that she is building bridges between talented job seekers and employers who need the best workforce. Her characteristics of being patient and caring to individuals have made her a good friend to job seekers. Her hard and efficient work has won her awards in her previous job positions as a recruiter. Coming to Canada and working in Y International, Kaycee’s goal is to build bigger bridges between countries and continents by recruiting internationally to bring in the best workforce to meet the job market demands in Canada.

Isabel Manoslava, Recruitment Specialist

Psychologist and specialist in occupational health and safety from the Universidad Pedagogica y Tecnologica de Colombia, she has more than seven years of experience in human talent management, recruitment, selection, employee training and design of talent attraction strategies. Her strength is aligning client needs with candidate considerations, showing results in adapting new employees and lower attrition rates. These achievements have allowed him to rise to leadership positions and initiate organizational change.


She possesses excellent skills in assertive communication, active listening, conceptual thinking and innovation. She is committed to inclusion and strives for fair and equitable processes, bridging cultural and gender differences and emphasizing talent recognition. She is empathetic with people who migrate and seeks to facilitate their adaptation by offering them the best possible advice and recognizing the challenges they face in making the transition to a new country and embracing a different world; it is a process she has lived through and understands that it is not easy.


It also has the ability to interact effectively with people from diverse backgrounds, overcoming barriers such as time zones, language and cultural differences. This allows you to unite and work towards common goals, fostering a positive work environment.

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