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EMC Global Skills Connection International Recruiting Mission

Assisting Canadian SME’s with Unfilled Job Vacancies, Skills Gaps and Labour

January/February 2023 - Leon, Mexico

‘Skills and Labour Shortage’ remains the #1 issue currently affecting Canadian manufacturers. Not just the lack of skills, but also the absence of available workers with any skill set. EMC can help.

Turnkey Support To Engage Pre-Selected / Pre-Qualified Candidates

EMC is organizing a mission to help SMEs source and recruit the foreign trained workers needed to address critical unfilled job vacancies, skills gaps and labour shortages not currently supplied by local labour markets, as well as turnkey support for navigating Canada’s immigration process and procedures.

In partnership wtih Y International, EMC’s team of experts will work with participant employers to provide services required to complete and submit the LMIA on behalf of the client, except the postings required under the LMIA process. LMIA’s are now good for 18 months! EMC’s team will also work with the successful candidate(s) to obtain all necessary immigration documents required for the candidate’s successful entry to Canada.



Practical testing will be available for some trades, depending on number of candidates.
Candidates receive closed work permits!


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This mission is designed for those primarily seeking: welders, machine operators, mechanics and autobody technicians.

Sudbury fabrication shop owner launches side gig as international trades recruiter

When Robert Brouillette joined his family’s fabrication shop, City Welding, well over a decade ago, his dad, Georges, handed him a file on hiring foreign workers along with a simple request: “Get it done.”

In the 34 years since Georges had started the Sudbury business, Canadian skilled workers had become scarcer. So he decided to look outside the country for the people he needed to grow his shop to its full potential.

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Why? To Enrich Lives

We’re focused on providing people from all over the globe the opportunity to enrich their lives, as well as the lives of the people they care about while experiencing everything that our great nation has to offer.

Why? To Enrich Communities

There is nothing like feeling you’re part of a community, especially when you’re the new family on the block. We take pride in giving people a chance to enrich the communities they call home – feeling a sense of belonging, and to contribute to the places they live, and work.

Why? To Enrich Economy

A healthy economy starts with a healthy workforce. We’re providing people the chance to enrich the economy by filling much needed positions in various industries and sectors.

Who is Y International?


Robert is a business owner and lawyer, licensed to practice Immigration Law in Ontario. Robert graduated with his LLB from l’Universite de Moncton in 1995. He practiced
primarily civil litigation in Sudbury while also working in sports law with a
firm based in Chicago for almost 10 years before switching career paths to
become Owner and CEO of multiple companies.

In 2006 while the General Manager of City Welding in Sudbury, Robert turned to
international recruiting to fill what was fast becoming a serious skilled
labour shortage in Northern Ontario. Since then, Robert has hired skilled
candidates from  Romania, Tunisia, Philippines, Morocco and recently
Mexico for his welding operations. The company has also retained most of these
immigrants, many of which are now Permanent Canadian Residents or Canadian
Citizens with their families.

Given the ever increasing labour shortage across most if not all sectors, which shortage will
only intensify, Robert established Y International to help companies be
successful and grow by navigating the international recruiting, immigration and
integration dynamics. He is also very passionate about enriching immigrant
lives with employment opportunities here in Canada which also greatly benefits
the Canadian economy. His WHY is enriching lives, communities and the economy.

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