Finding the right people is what we do.

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It’s about finding the right candidate.

Our focus isn’t just filling a role – it’s filling a role with the best candidate.

That means hiring skilled professionals and tradespeople that pass our screening process who will gel with your workplace culture, work seamlessly with your team, and provide added benefits to the success of your business.

Our team will work with yours to outline the needs of your business – both in terms of overall success and well being in the workplace –  for both you and the candidate to ensure that we hit the ground running.

We know that success in the workplace is measured by more than just numbers. That’s why we aim to find candidates who are eager to make a difference in your business, as well as have an impact with their colleagues and our communities.

To us, it’s so much more than simply filling a role.

It's not just how you search, it’s where you search.

With partnerships with various agencies throughout the world, Y International is truly on a global endeavor. 

We understand that the best candidate may not be in our backyard, but sitting in a café in Tunisia with an ambition and work ethic that would be a perfect addition to your business.

It’s that belief that ensures we aren’t leaving any stone unturned in providing both the potential employer, and employee the opportunity to enrich their lives, their community, and their economy.

Strategic Planning and Labour Support

With an ever shrinking talent pool, finding exceptional people to join your team is as competitive as ever. Y International will help you plan and strategize to make sure you’re staffed properly, and never left short handed.

While we are still navigating the pandemic and several global events that impact travel and trade – we’re focused on making the transitions for both you and your potential employees as seamless and smooth as possible.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Working in an atmosphere that embraces DE + I is more than just recognizing people of different races, ages, genders and ability. It is about listening and promoting individual ideas and beliefs to ensure that everyone has a voice, and everyone’s voice is important and has value.  

Our team members come from different parts of the globe, different walks of life, and have different approaches to problem solving that gives us unique perspectives on the right journey for you and your employees.

We would love to hear from you.